February 17, 2004

The Littlest Groom

Just when you think TV producers have scraped the bottom of the formula barrell for the sake of their sacred reality shows, some producer finds just a little more beneath, possibly from under the barrell. Last night, I watched the premier of FOX's The Littlest Groom. I found this show very enjoyable even though producer's do seem to be scraping the formula barrell for the sake of this reality show. I think it is nice that this show was put together for little people. It seems television is getting there with regard to representing real television viewers as opposed to fantasy television viewers even they are still not quite there. A show where both little and average size people compete for the same bachelor or bachelorette such as in the ABC shows that started them all might seem a little more even handed.

I was a little annoyed that they seem to be only devoting two episodes to the show as opposed to stretching it out like The Bachlorette or My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance or Average Joe 2 Hawaii. I certainly was enjoying the show up to a point. I watched while the littlest groom met and talked with the little women to try to get to know them for the purpose of eliminations. It was all so hurried. In one show, he met about 15 women, eliminated 10, took golf lessons with the remaining 5 (at which time, a few of the bolder ones pulled him aside for some reality show maneuvering), he went on a private date with one (on a patio, in full view of the other bachelorettes who were watching from the dining room while they dined). The next day he took line dancing classes with the remaining 5 and then at the end of the show, during the second elimination, instead of Glen having to pick 3 women from 5, 3 average sized women were introduced to his selection as a "twist". It was interestingly similar to the "twist" in Average Joe Hawaii when they brought out the hunks a few weeks ago. They even had time to show the littlest groom in the hot tub with the three average sized women, all of who were wearing the tiniest of bikinis.

This left the little women to speculate as to the character of GLEN. Will he choose one of them or will he decide upon an average sized woman? I guess that is why I and millions of other viewers will be tuning in next week. During the opening of the show, in the one on one, camera/reality show contestant interview Glen claimed to be looking for someone who could understand what his life is like without having to explain everything, a point he emphasized throughout the show after meeting the bachelorettes. He spoke glowingly of the personalities of the women who remained after the first eliminations and seemed really focused on finding the right woman for him. But he lit up like a christmas tree when those average size foxes walked into the room.

Is it wrong that I enjoy these shows so much? I really enjoy them. As a matter of fact, I watched three in a row last night starting with the Littlest Groom, moving to My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance and then finishing up with Average Joe Hawaii. My favorite of the three is definitely My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. I will write about that one later.

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