July 05, 2008

Bullets on a Fifth of July

* Tuesday, in addition to the Millionaire debaucle, Jon and I helped a couple of friends move in together. In spite of the hard work, it felt good to help them.

* Jon and I went on several challenging bikerides this week. They were challenging because it was both hot and windy.

* I am sunburnt.

* There is a new X-Files movie coming soon to a theater near me. WAHOOOO!!!!!

* Yesterday was the 4th of July. It rained on my plans of going to my friends rooftop to watch Macy's fireworks display in the east river.

* Today I'm working at Passing Strange at the Belasco theater. I've been invited to the staff's 4th of July BBQ which will take place between shows. I may or may not go. Everybody, including the stars of the show, will be at the BBQ. I'm too shy for that.

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