September 28, 2005

A Strange Dream

Last night I had a terrible dream that I lost Zoey because I lost track of her. It was terrible. The dreamscape took place in unfamiliar territory. I was in a Texas that I could only have made up in my imagination and behind the home where I was staying was an enormous desert park where Texas and Mexico share a border. Waiting for Mommy I was with my family and in this dream, my family was made up of people I've never seen before in my life. They were loud and distracting and required so much attention that at some point, Zoey slipped away from me.

I knew that I had to look for her in the desert park but random events kept preventing me from getting to her. I never did get to find her. It was truly a scary dream and I was glad when my alarm clock started beeping frantically.

It seems I'm a little out of practice staying out a late on a school night. But last night really was fun.

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