September 23, 2005

The Saga of Sarah and Zoey

(I heard from Sarah after posting this. She is actually leaving Mumbai tonight. She is still stuck in India.)

Zoey 4

For those of you following the saga of Sarah and Zoey, Sarah was stuck at the Mumbai aiport because of a monsoon which was causing delays.

I checked her flight last night and it left 10 minutes ahead of schedule. At this point Sarah should have already landed in Paris and is most likely relaxing before her transfer.

Sarah's delay means that Jon and I get to watch Zoey for two more days.

Having Zoey around is really fun. She's a very special dog. She follows me everywhere which is so cool. If she were a person following me everywhere it would make very tense but she's a sweet little dog and having her around makes me feel relaxed.

I've had a dog before. . .before I started this blog. I rescued a Jack Russell Terrier from a home where they were terrified of him. I called him Stanky because he smelled but later changed his name to Spanky because every one thought Stanky would hurt his feelings (I'm not kidding). I'm sure there are those that thought Stanky was very sweet, but he was a complete nightmare to take care of. He jumped all the time and everywhere. He could jump 4 feet into the air and land in my arms. He chewed on EVERYTHING. He knocked things down and broke them. He pooed everywhere in the apartment and would drag me all over the neighborhood when going for walks. He chewed his way through three harnesses and when I was out he whine, whimpered and barked all day driving my neighbors insane. And he was untrainable. So freakin' stubborn.

So. . .I called Jack Russell Terrier rescue group. They must have thought I was abusing him because once their "agents" came to get him (friends with the Jack Russell breeder who owned a farm for Jacks in CT), I never heard from her again.

I had him for six weeks and was glad to be rid of him. It wasn't his fault. Jack Russells are feisty little dogs that need a lot of room and a lot of directed activity. I didn't do my research before hand and it was my own fault that he destroyed almost everything in my apartment. Last I heard, he was sent to live with a father and his young son in Boston.

Here are some pictures of Zoey from last night.
Zoey 1Zoey 2

Zoey and Val
It's nice having a well-behaved sweet natured dog around the house. She makes us very happy.

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