September 28, 2005

Tuesday Night Trivia

20Went to Tuesday night trivia. Our team name referenced Get Smart but only about 1/8 of the audience got the joke and nobody laughed. Our team came in 3rd in the final round after finishing 8th earlier in the game. Met up with some cool people, Mike and Nick and Sarah and a new friend from Italy named Alex. Afterwards, some of us headed over to the famous Riviera Cafe at W. 4th and 7th Avenue. Jon was able to leave work a little early and join us and we had a wonderful time exchanging travel stories with our new friend and learning about his life in Italy. For example, we learned that his true passion is playing the piano and that he plays well enough to have given concerts performing solo Rachmoninoff. It was nice to get out on a week night, not having done it in a while. It was even nicer to be able to get out and catch up with friends. But now, I'm pooped and I have to get some sleep. Because tomorrow is another day.

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