December 04, 2003

Happy Birthday Richard Pryor!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Pryor. I wish you physical comfort and happiness. Thank you for your honesty and gift of comedy.

I learned from reading Margaret Cho's (one of my favourite comedienne) web log that today is Richard Prior's birthday. On her blog, she writes an open letter wishing him a happy b-day and celebrating the positive influence he's had on her life.

I learned from reading the other day that Ms. Cho keeps a blog. I was so excited to learn this, I visited, wrote her (or her manager rather) for permission to link to her site, which I was granted.

It's a pretty good site (not that she needs my help to promote her). You should check it out if you haven't already. On it, she lists press she's received, her upcoming schedule, interesting publicity photos and most interestingly her daily thoughts. Thanks for sharing, Margaret Cho. I'm glad to include you in my daily blogscape.

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