December 14, 2003

Hey guys!!! Look What I Found!!!!

I was surprised to learn on Caren's website that it was already snowing and that former Iraqi leader Saddam Husseing has been captured.

Saddam Hussein was found hiding in a hole, bearded and dirty. Two reports I just read said he's chatty and cooperative. But I guess being a dictator isn't that glamourous after all. Hiding in a hole. It doesn't get any worse than that unless of course you count the death of your two sons. Yeah. He's getting a pretty bad beating.

I'm still not sure whether or not what we're doing there makes sense but at least the military accomplished one of its goals. I need to hear more about it before I can claim pride in our government for devastating the Iraqi people and their countryside for reasons I still don't exactly believe.

But I will say that I'm proud of the young men and women who are in Iraq fighting for what they believe in because what they believe in is "U.S."

Thank you.

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