December 11, 2003

two bits to five

picture me: wildeyed and crazy; delirious with fatigue; running around the office like a madwoman; wielding a sharp weapon and ready to strike... that is how i feel on the inside.

in actuality. i am composed, sitting at my desk, calmly typing while the minutes tick away but i show my rebellion by refusing to capitalize any letters in this post. only 15 minutes remain until i am eligible for parole. at such time my sentence will be reviewed. it will be decided whether or not i am to stay behind these walls another hour or be released early for good behaviour.

tomorrow, i have the day off. i requested this in order to ready myself and my home for my visiting friend who i haven't seen in two years. i am looking forward to her visit and i am looking forward to a three day weekend.

how much longer will i have to stay here? this will be determined by my finished-work to finished blog ratio. my inbox is almost empty but i am jonesing for the calming effect of collecting my thoughts and presenting them here, which is why i have chosen to extend my work day.

my thoughts are calming, my thoughts are calmed............


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