December 12, 2003

Today is Friday.

Today is Friday, Friday, Friday. It will fun day, fun day, all day long.

What a great day to have off!!!! The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Did I mention how comfortable my pajamas are.

Now, all I have to do is everything I planned on doing but, gosh, it's a day off.

It'll only take me one hour plus half to do the laundry: the towels, the sheets, the blankets, the comforters and maybe even the pillows (cold and flu season is here. Unless your pillows are stuffed with feathers [yuck!!] there is no reason for you not to wash them). But somehow, I think it's going to take longer because I have to prepare emotionally (sounds like as good an excuse as any other).

The coffee is brewing. Yesterday, this web log served me as a sanity saving device. Today, it might be more of a procrastination device.

Oooo!!! The coffee maker just gurgled "I'm done making your coffee now" so with any luck and a little bit discipline this will be last post of the day and my last trip down the information superhighway.

Have a nice day friends. Have a nice day.

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