December 30, 2003

In Dreams

I had an unusual dream last night. Actually it is the usual type dream for me, but perhaps unusual for others.

In the dream I was vacationing in a bucolic setting, in a house with several other people. Somehow, two of the people from a vacation house down the road ended up dead in our house, although I'm not sure how and the dream turned from our milling around pleasantly with people to one of having to hide the dead bodies.

I was very calm in the dream. Having accepted this reality, I came up with a plan that made it seem like an every day chore, like running an errand. I disposed of the head and hands in the garbage outside figuring there would be a garbage pickup that day. Meanwhile one of our other friends was mowing the incredibly overgrown grass which had grown as high as an elephant's eye. Before disposing of the body I did a systematic cleaning of the house, utilizing all of my knowlege I guess that I've acquired from watching hours of "CSI" and "Law and Order", getting rid of all trace evidence of our existence.

While this cleansing was going on the parents of one of our friends showed up spontaneously, so then the dream became about keeping the truth from the parents. For example, they would walk near a blood stain that hadn't yet been cleaned I would have to hope they didn't see it. And they also walked near the garbage with the head and hands, so I remember worrying about weather or not the garbage was starting to smell like decomp.

There were other parts of the dream which involved driving around on some other kind of adventure but I don't really remember that part. The part that sticks out the most is what I just described.

See that world. New Yorkers have dreams also.

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