December 17, 2003

Aping Saddam

I noticed that it didn't take long for the Saddam jokes to get started. I object to this and here is why:

1) It's not funny that he is a mass murderer.
2) It's not funny that he is almost died in that hole
3) It's not fun and it's not funny.

It's too soon to make fun of him, too fresh. Too raw.......I know you guys are pissed and there's nothing wrong with that. Be pissed. He's an ass.

Just don't rush to make light of such a serious situation.

There will be time for that later. Remember, we have still have a lot of young men and women serving over there and what they are doing is not fun or funny. Respect their missions and their youthful altruism by not making light of the SADDAM thing now.

Yes. It is all connected believe it or not.

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