December 26, 2003


After my failed attempt at resolving my Simpsons Hit and Run problem and after two incredibly competitive games of Scrabble, the time came for J to leave and for me to do my laundry.

As soon as I got there, I became "agitated". There was a couple there, doing their laundry, as if the laundromat were there own personal laundry room. They had taken over two baskets with the bars for hanging clothes. This woman had 20 shirts hung up all nice and neat. They were using two folding tables. They had taken over 9 dryers. And the most annoying thing was the husband was just sitting there doing nothing.

Of course, the woman probably just told him to sit there and keep her company and not to touch anything because she likes to do laundry herself but I was just so annoyed at the space they were taking up and his just sitting there meant that they were going to be there that much longer. I was so upset my head felt like it was in the spin cycle with my delicates.

Eventually, they left. And I relaxed into the nice rhythm of folding laundry and making things neat. I never put this together before but when I'm upset cleaning or straightening up makes me feel better. It's the mindless action of a repetitive act that I find most soothing. It's as if my internal chaos has been externalized into the chaos around me and somehow, clearing away the mess is like folding my errant emotions into neat little piles.

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