December 03, 2003

Tuesday Night Trivia - Update

Wow. Last night was bitterly, bitterly cold but that did not effect the warmth and affection of the crowd last night at the Baggott Inn. (Actually, last night's crowd was a little warmer than usual and by warmer, I mean rowdier.)

10 teams carved out of about 50 people drank and ate pizza as the evening's festivities were lead by Caren Lissner. With her usual aplomb Ms. Lissner welcomed the crowd and explained the rules before introducing her co-host, Rich Appel.

If you don't already know, the game is divided into five categories; General Knowledge, Current Events, Top Ten, Audio and Visual. During each round the hosts offer 10 questions which have to be answered on answer sheets. Being a team effort whispering is encouraged when discussing answers. After the first three rounds, the papers are traded, the hosts announce the answers and the papers are graded. The hosts do a tally at the end of all of this and announce the standings. Then the last two rounds are presented.

Usually the guest host, takes three categories. Last night was no exception. Rich started the game by reading 10 general knowledge questions which Caren followed with current events and the top ten list.

Questions I remember are . . . I don't remember any specific questions but the top ten list was . . . uh . . . oh shoot! Oh yes. The top ten list was from the year 2000 what cities' airports led the nation in arrivals and departures. I'm sure you will be surprised to learn that NEW YORK was not in the top 10.

My team. Well, I wasn't my usual diligent self this week and I did not send out my usual invititations to the usual suspects so I was at the mercy of the Trivia gods with regards to my team. This worked out well. Playing on my team were popular co-host Mike, Sarah, Graham, Corey, Sandy, Elliot and me. We did well. By the end of Round 1 we were in the lead with 20 points. This might not seem like a lot but considering the most you can get are 30 by the end of round 1 and considering we were leading by 5 points, I think that was pretty good.

It all changed in round 2. And this I remember well. The audio round were 10 very quick sound bytes. The part of each song that Rich chose for us was the 1-2-3 count down of 10 random songs. I think our team only got 3 out 10. The visual round were still shots from 10 old game shows. We didn't too badly on that round but still, we felt our lead was in danger.

We came in second place when all was said and done, edged out by one point by a married couple that played splendidly.

All in all, it was a good evening. The walk to the subway afterwards was bitterly cold and I fear that my achiness today results from that; flu achiness I'm afraid.

Keep your fingers crossed that it's just nervous tension making me sore and not that flu that I imagine is starting to get around.

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