December 21, 2003

Ms. Fonda was the Feminist of the Day

Today, was Jane Fonda's birthday and previously was listed as feminist of the day on this site and others.

If you have any opinions about Jane's traitorous activities and/or comments during the great American/Vietanamese Police Action/Conflict/War (aka the Great Rice Battle), please keep them to yourself or post them below.

Jane Fonda embodies the spirit of American Capitalism and is a fair representation of at least 1 per cent of our population.

I'm not clear why she is considered a great feminist of our time. She got her job because of the influence of her father and she married above her station in spite of the fact that she's had a successful career. Sounds pretty old fashioned and non-revolutionary to me.

I guess the lesson here is that half of a percent of American women should have equal access to that 99% of the wealth. . . even if they marry into it.

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