January 13, 2004

What a Day . . .

. . . and now it's over. I've just spent the last half hour editing this web log, taking out those old quiz images links so as not to strain the servers of those hosts kind enough to do all that work.

After a relatively balmy day in the Big Apple, the temperatures are dropping rapidly. Between the time I walked out of my office and to my front door, the wind really started to kick up and the temperature must have dropped at least 10 degrees.

Usually I would be at trivia on a Tuesday night, but between the cold and still feeling the littlest bit queazy I decided to skip it and save my energy for Wednesday's big trivia match at Dempsey's. Drinking and Thinking, will be co-hosted by the charming and adorable Jon Blackwell. He will be working with his good friend Janet Rosen. With those two hosting, it promises to be an exciting evening.

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