January 03, 2004

New York

I live in New York City. Well, in Astoria across the river to be exact. But it still is considered New York City. I *am* in one of the five boroughs. I have to remind myself of that sometimes because when I read back over what I've written here, except for very specific posts about NYC, I could be anyone living anywhere.

This is one of those posts.

Last night, I hung out with my friend Dave. I took the subway two stops to get closer to his house because although he lives in walking distance and I didn't feel like walking such a distance. Part of the reason for this is his living on the top floor of a six story walk up. (which equals five flights).

I haven't seen him in ages. When I got to Dave's he poured me a glass of wine, then another, then another. Good times. We played Trivial Pursuit®, both the Genus®, and the trademark Silver Screen additions together. I lost badly but it was great fun. After the not literal beating I received at Trivial Pursuit®, we decided to watch a movie.

The choice was up to me. It was between "Reign of Fire" and "Zardoz". Well, I've seen "Reign of Fire" (fabulous if you haven't) but I haven't seen "Zardoz". Dave has talked up "Zardoz" quite a bit so I was intrigued.

I have one word to sum up the movie. CHEESE. Produced, written and directed by John Boorman after the successful yet disturbing "Deliverance", the movie features a giant floating head, a dystopic yet utopian future, and a frightening image of Sean Connery in a red diaper and thigh high boots. I don't like Sean Connery. I think he's a bit of crap actor actually (with the exception of "Finding Forrester") and I don't find him in the least bit attractive. I actually never understood why anyone found him so sexy or debonaire. Not even the cache of his James Bond movies could sell me on his appeal. "Zardoz" did absolutely nothing to convince me that he's hot. He spends most of appearance half naked, with his hairy, doughy body bouncing freely in every scene. (insert Sideshow Bob sound of disgust here).

With that said, I recommend this movie highly. It perhaps the best bad movie I have ever seen.

I'll have to see it again to write a full deconstructive analysis but it's worth it just to see to see Friend denounced as a renegage, or the cheesy special effects of Zed (Connery) sliding into a glass pyramid. Never mind his time spent inside a multi-faceted diamond known as the tabernacle, which holds all knowledge and affords the members of Vortex 4 immortality.

Then there is the scene where all members in the Vortex 4 society beg for death because they are so bored with their idyllic lives.

Yeah. You need to see this movie and soon.

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