January 11, 2004

Chicken Roast

I am roasting my chicken. It smells great. It marinated in my lemon juice/garlic recipe for 15 hours. I made stuffing with bread,onions and mushrooms. I would have added celery but I forgot to buy some yesterday when doing my big shopping.

Roasting chicken makes me very happy. Eating roasted chicken makes me even happier. To go with the chicken, I am going to make potato leek soup and a vegetable side dish.

Why am I doing this? So, when my honey and I come back from our walk later we will have something warm to eat.

I like doing this because it reminds me of what it might be like to be away for a romantic weekend in Vermont. In my fantasy of the Vermont getaway, my boyfriend and I go skiing or hiking in the brisk cold. Outside, the birch trees are bare and the smell of pine trees fills our noses. The sky is overcast and a snow storm is on its way. Upon coming back to our little house, we light a fire and heat up a nice soup in the cauldron hanging in the fireplace. He pours wine, while I ladle the soup into heavy ceramic bowls. Then we dip freshly baked bread into the soup and discuss observations we made during our time out.

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