January 28, 2004

Snow way

I thought it was cold here, going down to single digits with the wind chill factor.

Reading Human Mishaps and Oddities, a blog out of Minnesota, I realize now that we have it good here. During the day today, A experienced temperatures of -11 degrees. We haven't had temperatures like that except for in the evenings when I'm inside snug as a bug in a rug.

Today actually wasn't as cold as it's been. My bank run wasn't as cruel and unusual as it has been due to the biting weather. There were no celebrity spottings today, which now I'm looking for. I didn't tell you, but the other day, last week before my Alex Baldwin sighting, cutting across 32nd street I saw Brad Pitt bundled up standing in front of a little hotel. I couldn't see his full face but I could tell by the eyes. The eyes gave him away.

The daily walk has been good for me. It's forcing me to get in that exercise you're supposed to get every day. Maybe something good will come out of it, like my getting into shape or dare I say, losing weight.

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