January 31, 2004

The Laundromat

Yes. I did my incredibly large load of laundry today. As I suspected the laundromat was full of people hogging up the driers. As a matter of fact, there were four women there doing their family's laundry together. When I put laundry in the incredibly large $5 machine, almost all of the driers were full. By the time my laundry was almost dry, they had emptied almost all of the driers and walked out with 8 full sacks of laundry. That was probably the worst and most selfish drier usage I've seen yet, in my days of doing laundry.

I learned today that washing all your clothes in one machine is just as effective as washing it in many different machines. My laundry was sorted by whites, blacks, greens and blues, browns, oranges, purples and red which is usually how I do it. Today, I wasn't in the mood to fight for a small machine so that's why I chose the SUPERLOADER. It paid off. I saved at least $10 and it took less time. I saved more time by not folding my laundry there. Granted I had to spend the time folding at my house, but getting out of that zoo was a priority.

Also, I ran into my lovely neighbor from next door which made the time go by even faster.

The best part is that all of clothes are clean and April fresh.

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