January 21, 2004

Howard Plows Forward

I'm not really good at talking about politics. I really try to listen when people explain different things to me; when a news story comes on the radio; even during the joke news on the Daily Show.

I don't really understand what the Iowa caucus is or was or how it works. I don't understand why it's such a big deal; why it gets so much coverage; if it is fair predictor of what is going to happen during the election year.

But I do know this.

Howard Dean is losing it.

I hope he has PR people or spin doctors or whatever we are calling image consultants these days. And I hope they are telling him to lay low for a while. That ARRRRGGGGHHHHH heard around the word is going to hurt him. With that said, you really do have to appreciate his enthusiasm and his state naming ability.

He is good to his supporters. Showing enthusiasm in the face of defeat, rallying his troops to follow him to the states he mentioned, I guess.

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