January 04, 2004

The Weather

It's a little after 7pm on Sunday evening.

The movie Spellbound; seen. It was alright.
I'm not as excited about it as other people I've spoken too.
I thought it dragged and some of the kids freaked
me out a little bit.

Cafe con Leche was replaced by pizza (my idea).
Sal and Carmine's, best I've had in New York City.

The weather; while the weather was warmer than usual
this morning, the temperature sank closer to normal for
our climate. It's now raining and about 40 degrees.

I'm home, now.

I'm watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding for the umpteenth time and
awaiting the beginning of the end for "Sex and the City".

I am feeling a little bit anxious about
returning to work tomorrow.
I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight.

I guess if I can't, I always have you.

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