January 22, 2004

Just Another Manic Thursday

Thursday never felt more like Friday than it did today. The cold weather just makes everything more tiring, more stressful, more challenging, more obstacle ridden. Putting on a happy face in the face of bad weather conditions is tiring. I just don't like this weather. I can't get into it.

Tomorrow is Friday. And I'm looking forward to the weekend. My house is overdue for a good cleaning. My laundry is piling up. My paperwork is reproducing faster than a couple of horny bunnies. My face is overdue for a facial. My hair is overdue for a deep conditioning.

So that is what I will do starting tomorrow night. Friday night I will clean,sort my laundry, give myself a facial and deep conditioning.

This is not the post I wanted to post right now. I had some time to think about a good entry on the subway as it was crawling towards Astoria. I'm writing this just to write, to stay in the habit, to practice making interesting what is not interesting.

Now, I remember, what I was going to post.

In the subway, while I was daydreaming, the lyrics to this song came into my head. Can you name that tune?

Here I stand the goddess of desire
Set men on fire
I have this power

Morning, noon and night it's drink and dancing
Some quick womancing
and den a shower

Stage door Johnnies constantly sawound me
They always hound me
with one wequest

Who can satisfy their wustful habit
I'm not a wabbit
I need some weeeeeeeeeee (breath) eeeest.

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