January 02, 2004

Recently Added

Recently I've added some links that I want to bring to your attention.

Silent Butterfly: This young 20 something has produced a beautiful website using skills I don't think I'll ever have. Anyway, Silent Butterfly lives in and attends school in Europe. She is bright and sweet and writes about herself and her life in a candid and cheery way.

A Violently Executed Blog: I became aware of this blog through Human Oddities and Mishaps. Daily, readers can read about the trials and tribulations of a married man with an ascerbic view of the world.

George Takei: I discovered Mr. Takei's website, early one Friday morning, during a bout of insomnia. I was looking for celebrity websites which then became a search for web logs produced by the cast members of the original Star Trek series. Mr. Takei was kind enough to respond to a message I sent to his fan site. He seems like a really nice man. His most recent posting about revisiting the internment camp where he was sent as a young boy with his family is quite touching.

Human Oddities and Mishaps: I became aware of this website when the host started posting comments on my page. I liked her instantly and decided that she should be included on my list of links. Creative and funny, down to earth and honest, her website is thoroughly enjoyable.

Margaret Cho: I was first attracted to this site because of a posting of one my friends. I decided to add it because Ms. Cho is surprisingly candid about her life and talks a lot about the creative process and the challenge of being a public figure.

Of Moops and Men: This new arrival to the blogosphere provides us with a look at unusual news stories and points out interesting facts about our daily world.
Most interesting is when the host lists names that are oddly appropriate.

Pineapples and Macadamia Breeze: Writing to us from behind a bar Waikiki, this author writes about life in the Hawaiian Islands. I don't know about you but this strange New York weather has me daydraming about a life in the islands all of the time.

William Shatner: I found Mr. Shatner's site the same night I found Mr. Takei's. It is interesting. The star also talks about celebrity and encourages fans of the site to post messages on his bulletin board. So, I joined the fan site so I could post a message on his bulletin . Mr. Shatner has not yet replied.

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