January 10, 2004

The Food What I Bought

While my face mask is drying I thought I would make you a list of what I bought at the supermarket. Keep in mind that I have not been food shopping in about a month so I didn't have anything in my refrigerator.

Lysol Wet cloths (for my swiffer)
Good Sense garbage bags
2 bottles of raspberry seltzer
1 bottle of diet vanilla coke
3 boxes of storebrand oatmeal variety packs (on sale 3 for $5)
4 cans white meat tuna (.89 a can)
1 5 lb. bag of sugar
1 bottle of lemon juice
2 boxes of baking soda (one for the fridge)
1 can of Folger's
6 Colombo blueberry yogurts (on sale 6 for $3)
2 enormous white onions
6 lemons
1 5lb. bag of potatoes
2 leeks (for potato/leek soup)
red delicious apples
3 bags of baby carrots
3 heads of red leaf lettuce
2 green peppers
1 bag of regular ole onions
kumquats (never had them before, thought I would try them)
B&G Kosher dill gherkins
1/2 gallon of low acid orange juice
1/2 gallon of milk
loaf of bread
beef brisket
beef butt
a whole chicken
(which is currently marinating in lemon juice and garlic for lunch tomorrow)

Face mask is dry now. I'm off to the bath for my evening out. Actually, any excuse will do for me to take a bath, but I really am going out this evening.

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