January 05, 2004

First Day Back

First day back was. . . .tiring. Point of wearing makeup. . . not readily apparent. Nobody said anything about it. No one noticed. Tomorrow, I will return to my routine of not making up before work. I will, however, spend too much time on my hair. I will comfortable shoes. I wore shoe boots with a slight heel and my feet are sore. They aren't as bad pumps but flats are better. I will wear comfortable clothes.
Our server went down today, after our computer guy tried to fix something. While, I wasn't planning on surfing the net or checking my tracking, it did affect my ability to send internal communication, which meant more walking around the office in uncomfortable shoes.
Do you ever wish that you had a similar living situation to Holly Golightly's character in Breakfast at Tiffany's? How cool would it be to receive $50 for going tothe powderroom. I assume in the book, Holly received varying amounts for different tricks, but I prefer the innocence of the movie.
I'm tired. I was upset to find out that if I were an affliction I would be gonnorhea. On the upside, at least there's a cure.
I'm tired. I was happy to find out that I really am pants identified. I took a quiz (see below)at Spacefem.com to see which invisible thing I am and I am invisible pants. How perfect is that?
As you can see, I've reached a creative lull for the day. These point by point posts help me work through that. Thank you for indulging me and come back soon.

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