January 01, 2004

Embrace your Inner Geek!!!

So. As soon as I got home this afternoon and as soon as I finished blogging, I turned on the SCI FI channel for the Twilight Zone Marathon.

Picture me drooling like Homer and making that sound he makes when he's stumbled across some floor pie or he's thinking about a beer.

It's 8pm where I am and they've just announced a special uncut Twilight Zone for primetime. Two words: Instant Smile. This is the episode that takes place in the year 2000, when science has given everybody the ability to choose whichever appearance they like. What teenage girl, given the opportunity wouldn't choose a lovely face over a mediocre one?

Have I ever mentioned in this post what an incredibly large geek I am? This is not asked in a self depracatory way. I ask you with pride. I embrace my inner geek.

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