January 24, 2004

Saturday in the Apartment

Saturday. I spent the morning renovating my blog. And then I took a most wonderful and plentiful deep, deep nap. I love napping. What could be better than a nap on an icy cold Saturday afternoon? Nothing.

Now, it's 6:15pm, January 24th, 2004. I cleaned my house as promised and sorted my laundry.

Now, I'm doing my favorite weekend activity. Cooking.

All day I have been defrosting a roast. I rubbed yummy spices into it and then seared it for 10 minutes in the broiler. After which I put it in the pot with onions, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and carrots. It's cooking right now. What spices did I use? Cumin, black pepper, white pepper and salt.

It smells great and promises to be delicious or so I hope. Pot roast. Yum.

What's next for my Saturday off? I still have to put away some paperwork and pamper self as I was too tired to do it last night.

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