January 20, 2004


It's Tuesday.
It's 5:45 pm.
It's New York City.
It's cold outside.
It's time for Tuesday Night Trivia.
It's unlikely that I'll be going to the bar tonight.

Tomorrow is Wednesday.
Tomorrow will be warmer.
Tomorrow night is Drinking and Thinking
Tomorrow night I'm co-hosting at Dempsey's Pub.

Yesterday was Monday.
Yesterday was very, very cold.
Yesterday, afterwork, I went out with Jon.
Yesterday, we saw Bad Santa, the funniest movie ever made.

Okay, enough with that format. Jon and I saw Bad Santa last night and laughed until we ached. We then walked down the street a little bit and had a wonderful dinner at Rectangles in the East Village. We braved the cold a little bit more by walking over to the Virgin Record Store at Union Square. I was pretty wiped out by that time and had to leave Jon there. Though going into the store did provide a nice respit from the agonizing cold.

Why was I wiped out? Because I was walking very carefully to avoid slipping again which required a lot of concentration because I was also trying to walk fast because it was very cold. The combination was just tiring.

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