January 02, 2004

From the Geek Insomniac

It's 4:30 am and I am up for whatever reason (probably too much sleep) and I was looking for some Celebrity Web Logs to add to my link list, blog roll, what ever.

And I found a treasure. William Shatner keeps a web log/fan site. I took a look at it and it seems like he writes an entry every few weeks or so. So naturally, I joined and posted a reply to his most recent entry about excellence. Anyway, he looks like a pretty decent writer and a pretty down to earth guy.


a little bit later that morning . . .Okay. It's way too early to be having this much fun.

Not to be outdone by his former Star Trek colleague, George Takei, also keeps a web log. His website is very nice as well. I recommend you link to it, right now, this minute!!!

In his most recent entry, he writes a touching account of visiting Arkansas, where he and his family were interned during WWII.

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