January 23, 2004

My Very Own Spam Scam Email

I recently received my own SPAM SCAM email and I would like to share it with you. I notice that Barrister John David is often mentioned in these letters.

Do not be surprised to receive this email.

I am Engineer Bosco Jacobs, presently suffering from acute cancer of the ear and only have access to the Internet. I was formerly married to a lovely wife who died without children and in order to immortalize my name I seek your assistance.

I was a business tycoon involved in illicit trade and became very successful in all areas of my life. Based on the success of my business, I was able to acquire wealth amounting to millions of US Dollars, and due to the nature of my business I can't declare my wealth to the government to avoid persecution and have decided to give to charitable organizations and reliable individuals to help the needy.

I had in the past donated substantial amount of dollars to individuals, groups and governments for similar purposes especially in poor countries of Africa and other continents.

I equally deposited the sum of $37.5M (thirty-seven million five hundred thousand US dollars) with a security company in HOLLAND . This security company, is a world wide finance and security company in collaboration with ''Diplomatic Express Courier Services'' that helps in the shipment of valuable goods out of the country through a Diplomatic means, hereby delivering funds packaged in Consignment and delivered to the recipient.

Please, we need to move these funds out of this country within a short period
of time from now, I will need you to immediately send my lawyer your full names, name of organization, full address, telephone number as well fax number. The funds are already packaged in consignments and ready for shipment and it can also be transfered to you. These information are required by the security company so that they will start up all the necessary process on how the funds will get to you.

Be informed that as soon as this funds are in your possession, You'll hear
from me soon.

Please endeavor to reply me, to meet you in Holland and please put
me in prayers, so we can discuss more and know ourselves better. I will await to hear from you. I have discussed with my lawyer on what to do with the funds. Kindly discuss further with him.

This is the contact of the lawyer email address xxxxx@xxxxx.xxx He lives in Holland his name is BARRISTER JOHN DAVID. You have to act fast so that u can get these documents from him on time.

Thanks in anticipation for your co-operation and understanding.


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