January 26, 2004


Did you see the Golden Globes last night? Les testicles d'or? (that's not really the french translation so calm down)

The show was good, straightforward, awards for performing, composing and writing.

I was disappointed that they parodied that OUTKAST song that is so cool and fun to listen to. That will be the new movie trailer song. That will be the new soundtrack to everything that is supposed to fun and lightheared. That will be the new background music to commercials for Chevy pickup trucks and Babies' pullup potty training diapers.

I was glad to see that Renee Zelwegger's performance in Cold Mountain was duely recognized. I was very happy for Bill Murray who not only deserved the Golden Globe but also deserves an Oscar for his performance in Lost in Translation. Sofia Coppola earned her award as well. At least, I think she won. I was out cold some time after Bill Murray's funny speech.

About the fashion. I didn't really see any dress that I didn't like with the exception of Nicole Kidman's. That dress was odd. I thought Diane Keaton looked the best in her white tuxedo dress accessorized with pearls and white satin gloves. I'm glad she won as well. She's always funny and never disappoints.

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