August 19, 2003

Tuesday Night Trivia

"Just a minute. Be right there. Oh hi. Come on in. Sit down."

"Excuse me? Yes I was at Tuesday Night Trivia but I'd rather not talk about it because my team came in fifth."

"You don't have to say that. It is pretty bad."

"No, I really don't want to talk about it."

"No, really."


"Okay.......since it was so well hyped this week, I suppose I should tell you a little bit about it. The first 3 rounds were standard trivia fare. Nothing unusual. But the music round, that was pretty tough. The co-host played music clips by artists with the letter x in their names."

"Yes. Very exciting."

"Yes. and exacerbating."

"Yes. Ha ha, yeah exactly, uh, can I continue?"

"Thank you. The co-host made up for the frustration of the audio round with his Arnold S. movie posters. I imagine quite an effort went into gathering all of those movie posters into one place and being able to name some of the movies made the second round a little more enjoyable and little topical."

"Yes. I'll be co-hosting the 9th of September."

"No. I'm not saying, you'll just have to wait like everyone else."

"Let's watch a movie. I just got Incubus back from my neighbor. Have you ever heard of William Shatner?"

"Well. It's not Star Trek. It's really high art. You'll love it."

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