August 12, 2003


I just finished watching that new Colin Quinn show, Politically Incorrect and Carrot Top was one of the guests.

Watching him tonight, brought back a memory of a New Year's Eve 3 years ago, when I was partying at someone's house that I didn't know and the TV was on and Carrot Top was performing. He was wearing this skin tight t-shirt and talking into a mike and throwing props around the stage. I could not hear a word he was saying, but he looked really good and I realized at that moment, that he is hot and worthy of crushdom.

So watching him tonight, I remembered that I have a crush on Carrot Top. Carrot Top. (aka Scott Thompson) Tight body. Wild red hair. Dreamy eyes and that quiet confidence a man has when he's got something special in his pants. In the dream, I am counting his freckles and he is counting mine. And then somewhere later in the dream, I've just gotten him a gig at the Westbury Music fair and I'm bringing him a glass of icy cold lemonade. He's in the tool shed creating a combination regular household item topical joke thing. He is so touched by my concern for his thirst that he thanks me and throws me down on the heart shaped bed that we have in the tool shed for just such occasions, he kisses me on the cheek and then says "Go make me dinner, I have to finish my comic prop thing." and then I fix his eyebrows.

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