August 29, 2003

First Day

My first day at the supermarket was fantastic. I never dreamed a job like that could be so much fun. My first task upon arrival was washing dishes, which I love doing, because cleaning is important, of course. My second task was to Windex the display counter (more cleaning).

Third, I spent two hours prepping the antipasto. Just awesome. Since I am a little compulsive, I cut the food as uniformly as possible, so my salad looks just beautiful. Out of the Provolone, Swiss, Pepperoni, Salami, celery, red and green peppers, I chopped what seemed like a million uniform little rectangles (or maybe not so uniform in the way that no snowflake is repeated). Granted I'm not even sure that's a correct recipe for antipasto salad (celery?) but very soothing. I labeled prepackaged packages of cheese with one of those delicounter price label makers and I tried Havarti cheese with dill. Yummers.

I even got to taste Capacola which was probably the most exciting part of the day. That's the deli meat that Tony Soprano pronounces Gabagule on the Sopranos. I was so excited that it actually exists but not only does it exist, it comes wrapped around cheese from a company called le Fromagerie.

That was probably the best first day of work I've ever had on any job, ever.

And on top of that the people are supremely nice.

What more could a girl want? I think I'm going to be okay.

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