August 15, 2003


Dateline sure put together that news program about the Blackout awfully quick. On Dateline I learned that there was no lightening strike in Canada, no downed powerplant in Manhattan and that noone knows what happened. Only that the failsafe failed and caused a cascading blackout, blah, blah, blah, blah.

They also reported that there are going to be meetings in Washington to figure out what happened and how it can it be prevented in the future. Isn't it possible that it was just a glich? Do we have to spend time and money discussing this issue? Can't they put that effort into finding work for people or directly into fixing the problem?

Do you mean to tell me that there isn't one person, one engineer, one child prodigy in all of America who can tell us what happened one way or the other? I find that highly unlikely. Why don't they just sic some MIT students on the problem? Make it their senior project or something.

So, enough with the meetings. Restore the power, fix the glich, upgrade the grid. That's all. Problem solved. STOP WASTING MY MONEY.


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