August 28, 2003

My First Day

My makeup choice for today. Not too dark eyeliner, mascara, blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick, which I think should be appropriate for deli meats.

My wardrobe choice. Loosefitting jeans, comfortable socks, sneakers and a random shirt. I'm also wearing a baseball cap until the manager can order my very own delicounter cap. The manager will give me my very own shirt with the supermarket logo upon arrival.

My hair. Sadly, I had to pull my hair back into a small neat bun. As much as it pains me to hide what I consider my best feature, it will allow room for my other best feature. My radiant smile and my utterly charming personality. (yeah, I don't believe it either)

Just pray that my eyes don't roll 100 times today. I have almost no control of this common reaction to other people's stupidity.

Anyway, I'm off to slice the salami, roast the chicken, mix the potato salad and whatever other duties this new fun job will entail.

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