August 17, 2003

Annoying Premises and the City

Okay. I've had it.

1) I just had that conversation with my mother yesterday and for several years now, about how getting engaged, having a baby or getting married, somehow validates women and then entitles them to endless amounts of gifts and cash but being single and broke does not entitle you to shit. I'm still waiting for my surprise "Hooray you're single and struggling party!!". So, whoever on Darren Starr's staff has been following me around and bugging my phones needs to step forward. And that's like the third story line that could have been based on conversations I've had with my mom and other women I know.

2) Why has it taken the writers and producers 5 years to introduce a racially mixed romance on to that show? Too little, too late folks. They didn't even allow a mixed religion relationship on that show. Charlotte had to convert from WASP to Jew in order for that storyline to continue.

3) I don't know anyone, anyone, who spends more than 100 dollars on shoes. I don't know anyone who lives like these women do. If you are a woman who lives like they do on this show, or knows of a woman who lives like this please let me know. I need to know that the producers of that show have at least one foot in the reality door.

Actually, I am now inspired to write a treatment for HBO which reflects more accurately the life of the "single dame" in this city.

And I assure you; there will be more than one mixed relationship, religiously or racially maybe even some dare I say same sex relationships that don't evolve around "jungle fever" or "experimentation". There will be no mention of expensive shoes, no daintily named colorful drinks, nobody less than a size 12, no coping with problems by shopping, no annoying voiceovers (hasn't the writer failed when a story has to be told through voiceover), and only one character in the show is going to be living in Manhattan.

Characters will have to overcome issues like getting their friends who live in Manhattan to come to their parties in Flushing; anxiety attacks; being laid off and/or changing careers; growing apart from their best friends because that happens; not having enough money to make the rent, pay the difference in the subway price hike or pay for food; getting to their friends houses in the other outer boroughs for example travelling from Astoria to Williamsburg; dealing with living in a neighborhood where over 122 languages are spoken and then dealing and coping with cultural differences; women who have been alienated by their families because of their lifestyle/relationship choices and the extended families they make when no one else in their lives will accept them.

Oh yeah and there will be sex too. But that's kind of not the point of this rant. I need a more realistic reflection of what life is like for the majority of people in this city.

Darren Starr, wherever you are, G-d bless you for your examination of the lives of about one half of one percent of the women who live in NY but I need something a little bit more real.

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