August 13, 2003


My other tomatoes survived. One is chilling away nicely in the cool refrigerator (I learned my lesson about produce and abnormal levels of humidity). However, it's not a happy ending for the other survivor of last night's 97% humidity. The other was just chopped up into many, many pieces for my macaroni, garlic, tuna, tomato cassarole type thing that's chilling right now in the refrigerator. Boiling that macaroni was tough. My apartment went up to about 90 degrees (what is that in Celcius - sp?). Yes . Just from boiling macaroni. I guess the chicken wings marinading in my homemade honey, mustard, vinegar, ketchup mixture are going to have wait until about October for my apartment to cool off enough for me to bake them.

Of course, I could turn on the AC, but I just don't want to give in until it's time to go to bed.

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