August 15, 2003

Blame Canada

So back to blaming Canada, what the hell happened up there? A lightening strike, yeah, right. Gosh, I'm so naive I believe they control the weather.

So, I'm in my house and it's dark and I'm using my good, old fashioned phone to talk to my Aunt on Long Island, see what she knows and I hear my friend Dave's voice from the Hallway. He had just walked down 39 flights of stairs, over the 59th Street bridge, and through Astoria to get to my house. He was looking for a phone, but I was so glad to see him because then I knew I would be safe. He's such a good friend he let me glom on to him all night. We left my hot and dark apartment and walked over to his hot dark apartment.

It was dark by the time we left my house. But he had a flashlight so it was okay. I live in really cool neighborhood anyway, lots of nice people. There was a party on Broadway (in Astoria). We kept walking past little tribes of people gathered around candles, bbq'ing food, playing cards, hanging out in the restaurants. Michael's and Uncle George's were open for business and we walked by this one open window at Uncle George's where someone was eating a huge, Greek salad. It smelled real good.

We walked by one guy who said as we passed "It's so dark out here you can't even see me because I'm so dark."

I was a little concerned about looting but that worry soon dissipated because everyone was being really great. My favorite were the parents who were sitting in a circle with several of their kids singing Barney songs which normally I don't like because he's big, purple knock off of Rafi, but the kids were so into it and having such a good time. For the kids it seemed like a cool adventure and I dug that. Parents to keep their kids from freaking out. It's a good thing.

My favorite part of the evening was watching the city from the rooftop, watching the stars and watching the moon rise. I think I even saw Mars. That was special.

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