August 13, 2003

Dear Diary,

Last night, I made three new friends who took me to a store that sells exotic foods and candies. They were boys. They showed me a bunch of neat and interesting snacks that I could buy, but I only wanted to eat the peas.

One of the boys bought me a soda. I had to ask for help because I couldn't open the soda bottle by myself. It was weird. There was this glass marble where your mouth goes, that I had to push into the bottle, but it wouldn't move no matter how hard I tried. So then the boy opened the bottle for me and I was finally able to drink the soda, something called "KIWI", and it was delishkus.

It may have also been a little bit nutritious ..... but don't tell anybody.

The three boys were very nice. Each one had a special quality. One had brains, one had heart and one had courage.

It was fun. I liked them very much and I hope they liked me too.

Have a good night, dear diary.

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