August 22, 2003

Spring cleaning

I've decided to really clean house today and that means the worst possible thing for a packrat. I am throwing things away.

So far I have thrown away:
11 back issues of Game Informer Magazine (Ouch!)
7 back issues of Newsweek
27 pens (I tested about 100)
A 10 year old skirt
An ugly dress I bought from EBAY
An ugly shirt given to me by a dear, dear friend (Ouch!)
A table top I found on the street that I was going to paint

Things I'm struggling with:
A game I found coming into my building one day called FACT OR CRAP! The graphics on the box are amazing

Old shoes (nothing over $100, I just hate to throw away shoes)

Other old clothing that just doesn't fit but it's that stuff I just don't want to throw away because there is that chance that one day I might fit into that stuff again.

Some of my books, I might actually donate those to the library.

My 3/4 length Forest Green Plaid Banana Republic Coat with the torn lining, given to me by my an ex-boyfriend that I don't particularly remember fondly, but I just love the coat.

A Ricky Martin video....something else I found in the hallway. I'm debating about this item because it's cheese value is enormous.

A couple of pairs of spike heeled black patent leather shoes that I will never wear because the heels are 5 inches high, also given to me by a friend. Perhaps someone out there would want to buy those. They are nice shoes and it would be a waste to throw them away. It doesn't seem like the kind of item you give to the Salvation Army.

Old books and sheets of music from my flute playing days (I've been holding on to that forever.)

Old computer games I don't play anymore with practically no resale value.

And the beat goes on.....back to the Salt Mines.

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