August 30, 2003

The End of Summer

Although technically the summer is not over until September 21st, we consider it over because children and young adults everywhere are going back to school. I personally could not be more thrilled that this summer is winding down because it's probably been the least enjoyable of my life. The humidity has been consistently uncomfortable, I've been out of work and haven't had enough money to get to the beach.

Looking for a job in the summer is the worst. The weather always makes it difficult for me to look composed for interviews and college kids are usually explointed to death through internships interfering with my ability to get hired for an actual salary. Well. The kids are going back to school and hopefully the job market will be opening up again. Not that I don't enjoy working at the Supermarket, actually that flower lost its bloom on my second day, but I'd really like a job with a desk and computer and dare I say a door and a window.

Not that this summer has been a complete disaster. I've made some new friends and discovered a great new hobby.

If it weren't for the nice people I have in my life and have added to my life, this summer would have completely sucked.

I'll be glad when the Autumnal Equinox brings a long awaited change of season.

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