August 27, 2003

That tomato

In case any of you were wondering about that happy tomato that survived exposure to the tropical humidity of two weeks ago, I am happy to announce that he has happily survived these last two weeks in my refrigerator.

Until this afternoon, that is. I decided to cook some chicken that survived the great blackout of 2003 (which hopefull won't kill me).

Let me break it down for you. I defrosted the chicken. I sauteed a nice big ole onion (and it's old. it made me cry upon slicing). Then I took that big, beautiful red tomato and diced it into tiny little pieces. After adding the tomato, I gently laid out my chicken and then added some white beans. It's an old recipe but a good one. If I only had some flageolet the dish would be absolutely perfect but for now, store brand small white beans will have to suffice.

Later, he will help to decorate a plate of brown rice and then I can enjoy a nice hot meal on a nice hot day.


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