August 13, 2003


In an effort to be more positive in my life I've removed that really pretentious and self loathing article about Broken Women, realizing of course that I am a broken women myself, and that the entry was kind of full of shit. If you gave the issue any thought, I appreciate you getting on board with my pity party if only for the moment. Though I still would like to know the deepest, darkest secrets of attraction, it'll probably take me the rest of my life to figure that out. It will be big news initially of course when I do figure it out and share it with everyone but eventually it will be trumped by the news of Americans having landed the first man on Mars or that even at the ripe, old age of 75, Jennifer Lopez still has a ripe old ass................

and we're back.

Fuck positivity. My fears and loathings are what hold me together, they are what make (pause) me (pause) strong. (anyone see the 5th Star Trek movie? The one where Spock's brother, the renegade emotion feeling Vulcan has the ability to wipe out everyone's pain in order to get them to believe in his dream of finding Eden and eventually G-d? but Kirk won't let him because he's convinced that his pain makes him a good leader or some such crap like that.......and then Kirk is the first one to step forward when G-d invites them to chat on that planet because afterall he is James T. Kirk and he was also the director of that film........)

Ya' like Star Trek?

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