August 06, 2003

Today I saw a commercial for a device that helps people bake donuts so they can avoid frying them. When did this become an issue? Were people really developing health conditions from the non-healthful practice of frying their own donuts? In the commercial, they show a mom, deep frying dough in boiling hot oil, all while the voiceover explained how making your own donuts will improve the quality of your life.

There's an option for regular round donuts. There's an option for filled donuts. There's an option for miniature donuts. What's worth mentioning is that also included in the kits are devices that help you decorate or fill your healthy donuts with sugary buttercreams and fillings.

The little donuts are for children.

What I also found interesting about the commercial is that the manufacturers of this donut- making saviour seem to think that only families will benefit from this. It also assumes that mom is the only one who bakes donuts.

This is my first ranting. I would ask you to comment on this but I'm not sure exactly how this works. So I will leave you with the some questions that you can mull over until the next time we meet or email each other.

One. Why are moms always the ones saving money at the grocery store, comparing and contrasting fabric softeners and finding new ways to keep humanity safe from the dangers of a bad diet? Aren't there other people in the world who clip coupons, do laundry and eat right? Wasn't I writing a paper on this in college like 13 years ago? Is this really still an issue?

Two. Have you noticed the advertising push lately toward families? There seems to be a conservative agenda since Governor Bush took over that is suspiciously looking like a conspiracy. Reality shows are family centered. Who wants to marry my dad? The Bachelor, The Bachelorette. Even a show like Survivor gets really excited about two people possibly getting together. And I don't think it's the sex the producers think we'll find interesting. I think they think that we think that being stuck on a desert island in the middle of the pacific is condusive (spelling?) to romance thusappealing to the lonely masses who are miserable, out of work, alone, in the rain, in the dark, with nothing to eat, or new clothes to wear........or maybe that's just me. Either way, it's a conspiracy fostering heterosexuality and breeding.

Three. If you had to invent something to improve society and make a quick buck, what would you make?


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