August 19, 2003

Temp to Perm

They pulled the old bait and switch on me yet again and I fall for it every time. The position I wanted was Junior Administrative Assistant (office manager/gal friday). When I got there I was told it was already filled. So then they proceeded to pick me apart like a vulture and for what? A possible customer service job. Which is fine.....i would have applied for that.......I hate bait & switch (picture me waving my fist to the heavens and grimacing)

The four tests I had to take this time:


Of course in keeping with my bad luck, the office was experiencing the ill effects of a computer virus thus delaying their processes. I'm supposed to call tomorrow morning to see if that customer service job wants me. And you know the sad thing is, I really, really hope they do. Because if they do, I won't have to take the subway to the bus to Jericho turnpike for a part-time retail job that I might not get.

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