August 29, 2003

The Passion

I thought I should weigh in on this controversy about Mel Gibson's new movie.

If indeed he does have a scene where jews are standing in a mob egging on Jesus's crucifixion and ultimately his death as I have heard reported on various radio programs I find myself recently fascinated with then do we really need to have a discussion about this?

It sounds a little revisionist to me. N'est ce pas?

Come on people. Don't you realize that all of the stereotypes that exist now about jews are all that crap that people believed about Jews for the hundreds of years that kept getting them kicked around and eventually out of Europe and ultimately ended with the Jews running Hollywood now because at the turn of the 20th century nobody liked them or would hire them to do anything so they had to create their own industry?

This is the propaganda that Hitler pulled together for the sake of unifying his poor, starving, humiliated German masses against the jews and the crap he told himself and his NAZI soul mates in order to justify killing the people who he convinced himself were responsible for the economic suffering of Germany? With their hatred of Christ and their money squandering and their crooked lending practices and what of the time that the entire Jewish nation 1938 years previously (give or take a year) rallied together to bring down the life and teachings of one man, Jesus Christ? The damage that Hitler did and the propaganda he distributed and dissiminated is still being fought by the Anti Defamation league today. That shit came over on the boats after WWII.

The Vatican believed that the Jews were responsible for years and they encouraged the thinking and teaching of it. But even they realized that was not a good idea because of the international levels of antisemitism arising. Isn't that why they had that DIET? (is that what those meetings are called? My philosophy of theology class memories are a little cloudy) Wasn't it called Vatican 2 and didn't they try to erase that from their coffers? Not that you can erase 1960 years of blaming the jews for the birth of a religion.

The point is this. Mel Gibson doesn't believe in the 1960 decision. Propagating the belief that jews killed jesus at this time is bad because antisemitism is on the rise again. And not just in those middle eastern places whose disgruntled youth express their rebellion through suicide bombings. I'm talking about places like France and parts of Florida. He is an artist and has a responsibility to make the world a better place, not a crappy worse one.

Doesn't he know that it's mostly Jewish executives that run Hollywood? That thing will never run for long in the states if at all.

And from what I hear, he's making up half the stuff in his movie anyway for content.

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