August 15, 2003

Power Up

BLACKOUT 2003. (cue serious news music)

This is the worst recorded blackout in American History, even worse than the one in 1965, in case you haven't heard yet.

So at about 5:15 am, Dave's answering machine clicks and we know we have worm sign. We turn on channel 2 news and there is this goddess sitting behind a news desk, reporting the news. I can't believe how well that woman was pulled together considering the 13 hours of darkness and confusion that preceeded my watching her. Her name is Shon Gables and she looked great. But then I saw a report from the street with Magee Hickey who didn't seem to be holding up too well. But she was shooting from the hip, totally improvising the news. She was really on her game. I always liked her reporting, this morning, even more. She was having such a good time, it was really fun to watch her. The other newscaster that didn't seem to be holding up too well was this guy from Channel 11 news, Larry Hoff, good looking guy, well spoken and all, but pink and sweaty from the heat. We redheads (yes I am technically a redhead) do not do well in heat and humidity.

I wonder where Carrot Top was when the lights went out.

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