August 09, 2003


Standing tonight in the Time Square Station, waiting for the N or the W train to rescue me from my heated plight, it was easy to imagine a river of lava flowing under the station, heating the platform, cooking my flesh. It was easy to imagine the platform on giant chains being lowered deep into the bowels of the earth to its core.

Yes. It was that hot.

But even worse, there was this guy blowing into some weird electronic saxophone. The noise was grating to say the least but his song selection was worse.

Amazing Grace, Ave Maria, the love theme from Zeffereli's Romeo and Juliet and the theme from the Godfather. When he started the Godfather theme I shouted across the platform for someone, anyone to pay him to stop playing. But that made things worse because people started moving away from me.

The only option left was to pray with all my might for a train to come and sure enough a train did come. I got on, sat down and wrote this and immediately felt better.

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