January 25, 2005


Today is Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday
It will be a fun day, fun day, all day long.
Jon and I are hosting trivia tonight, together at the Baggot Inn.
Be there or be there.
Second (or is it the third?) week on the job and still loving it.
Reportedly, my nephew is still cute.
Joined a gym this morning. Now that I've conquered my craving for cigarattes, I've got to start thinking about building up my cardio vascular system. Now that I can breath again, I can really start to get back into shape. It's about time too. The weight gain from my smoking cessation is hurting me. My back, my feet, my shoulders, my neck. . . you know. You've heard it all before and quite possibly have felt it. IT HURTS TO GAIN WEIGHT!!

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